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Inspiration to Write

"A very useful, inspiring course!"

"I would certainly recommend this course.

I feel I've improved muc over the last weeks.!"

Regular Writing

Tony Kirwood said: "Thanks for your very enjoyable and stimulating humour writing workshop at the Chipping Norton Literary Festival. I gained some very interesting insights which I'll be using!"

@Meandthetree said: "Thank you so much for holding these Regular Writing sessions. You are such an inspirational & generous tutor - a rare gift! ... A big thank you for another inspiring class!"

Writing for Magazines:

“I really enjoyed your course and would definitely recommend it.”
There was no doubt that your course is good value for money.
Really well organised and brilliantly structured”
“I feel motivated and inspired”
“Thoroughly prepared;
a good balance of theoretical input, advice and collaborative work”
“Good fun”
“Good value for money”

Humour Writing Course:

Corrina Toop said:
Following your Humour Writing Workshop in Wendover, I applied your advice and entered one of Writing Magazine’s short story competitions. I won £200 thank you very much. Cheers to The Current Mrs Smith!


Forthcoming Courses, Workshops & Events


The Current Mrs Smith was delighted to take part in the 2013 Thame Arts and Literature Festival, being her fourth successive appearance at this most prestigious event. She is already looking forward to running yet another TAL workshop in 2014.


Regular Writing Group

The Current Mrs Smith runs a Regular Writing group. These two hour sessions take place monthly on each occasion focussing on a different topic. Places are limited but please engage digital technology to inform me of your interest.


Workshops, courses and mentoring sessions are all within The Current Mrs Smith's remit. Please inform her of your requirements and she will do her best to accommodate you.


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